Wednesday, June 5, 2013

A New Project, Evangelizing for Comics (I guess!)

I read and love comics - comic strips, graphic novels, and, most of all, comic books.  I want to make them.  I can't stop thinking about them a lot of the time.  I obsessively search for the next comic that will "jazz" me up.

And I'm a writer.  I used to review minicomics here:, but I ran out of new minis to write about AND I ran out of steam for a variety of reasons (i.e. see "real life sucks sometimes, don't it?").

Anyhow, without turning this into too long of a post, I wanted to get this new blog up and running by stating my intent.  Here 'tis:

I figured that, to start with, I would review my personal Top Cartoonists ... perhaps my Top 5 or Top 10.  Likely going to go for ones who are less well known than mainstream.  I want to look at some of their work (in an article format), explain why I like them and what I like about them, and, if I can get lucky enough to indulge their patience, include a short interview with them.

I don't want to make any big promises that I'll keep to some schedule or go much beyond my original "mission" (comic book "evangelism"), but I sure hope to "preach" a lot more here about comics ... a truly exciting and often effective art form.

So that's my statement of purpose kinda ... will maybe try to expound on it, or at least "beef it up," later.

First subject up should be Chris Reynolds, creator of Mauretania Comics.  In a week or so, I hope!